Seven-Minute Cinemas (AKA: 7MC) is an independent film & video production company whose primary function is to produce creative shorts and educational video-based projects. Although feature-length productions are more than welcome, 7MC focuses mostly on delivering final products up to sixty minutes in length. In fact, the name of the company is a tongue-in-check reference to the average attention span of the American audience: seven minutes (allegedly, at least according to psychology textbooks written many, many years ago).

It is the mission of 7MC to provide exceptional support in the creation of films & videos through every stage of production. One of 7MC’s signature traits is to keep things efficient: to maintain a small, highly trained crew that can adeptly handle multiple tasks. For documentaries and Cinéma Vérité, this translates into an extremely low-impact presence.

Whether the project is creative — narrative, experimental, documentary — or educational, 7MC is ready to provide efficient and affordable solutions to projects… but without compromising quality.