Creative Projects

Welcome to the heart of Seven-Minute Cinemas. Here you will find a selection of 7MC’s original productions.

7MC‘s roots are in creative film and video production. In its earliest incarnation, 7MC produced mostly experimental shorts. Today, 7MC has seamlessly crossed over into other genres but has also never lost sight of its origins.

With a deep love for the unconventional, 7MC offers its boundless imagination to every project — with results that are refreshingly unique. For almost twenty years, 7MC has produced its own original works, even as it continues to provide its expertise to a variety of third-party productions.

Narrative films, experimental shorts, documentaries: 7MC approaches them all with the same intensity, creativity and enthusiasm!

Music Videos
Instrumental-Treason Boyz on Bykes Project Condor Moveable Piece: Greenscape Kaiser Cartel:
Say Goodbye Toto trailer Heroes Cycle The Americas Playwrights 6 10th Anniversary  
Animus Hearts of Darkness Isaiah Say Goodbye Toto trailer