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Jake Elsas

In 1991, Jake — an aspiring young actor from Atlanta — moved to Portland, Oregon, where he soon discovered a love for filmmaking. While honing his skills at the Northwest Film Center’s School of Film, he recognized that he had a particular interest in short films and in 1997 began producing under the Seven-Minute Cinemas name.

Jake’s desire to learn more about the art of film and video led him to Los Angeles, where — in 2000 — he received a Master of Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts. For several years, he operated 7MC out of offices in Santa Monica and Mar Vista. In 2012, Jake moved back to Atlanta and now runs his company out of the historic Cabbagetown neighborhood.

In addition to being a producer, director, writer, videographer and film/video editor, Jake continues to act regularly. He also offers technical support to The Patch Works Art & History Center, also located in Cabbagetown.

Equipment and Software

Seven-Minute Cinemas is equipped to provide a number of production and post-production services. And with over two decades of experience, 7MC’s out-of-house network is vast. No need to spend valuable time seeking out vendors and resources: 7MC will do the work for you.


Seven-Minute Cinemas’ techniques offer superior results for a relatively low price. In addition, 7MC is willing to work within your budget. In other words, the indicated rates simply lay a fiscal foundation — final quotes will depend greatly on each individual project’s needs and a client’s financial situation.